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with Finola Fellner

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"Finola is a dream to work with. Professionally, she exceeded our expectations in countless ways—guiding our family through a very complicated and stressful house move from San Francisco to our dream home in Orinda. Without her diligent work, regular communication and ongoing patience, I do not know how we would have managed everything from price negotiation to finalizing termite report work and agreeing on a move in date. She went above and beyond the call of duty to make our house close, as planned, even after we had moved in!"
                                                                       —Alvin and Ginny Ziegler

"Finola provided my wife and I with outstanding real estate services. After a single neighborhood tour over a couple hours, on which she demonstrated her deep knowledge of the Lamorinda area, she was able to understand our housing preferences so well that when a house hit the market a week later she urgently called us to see the house. We ran out to see the house, me with some skepticism, but sure enough, when we pulled into the driveway, it was exactly what we were looking for. We made an offer that night and following Finola's expert advice were able to get the house at a great price. As if that wasn't enough, she guided us through the escrow and closing process providing calming and useful guidance throughout. In the end she successfully negotiated repairs to the home, and we closed more than a week early. I would highly recommend Finola for any real estate transaction you may be considering."
                                                                       —Justin and Adrian Lewis

“Thank you for your professional guidance, keen strategic insight, and tremendous emotional support throughout the process of preparing and selling my mother-in-law's Piedmont home following her passing. From beginning to end, you went above and beyond to make sure that this difficult process was handled with care, compassion and a level of professionalism that was unparalleled. Simply put, we could not imagine going through this process with anyone else."
                                                                       —Gordon and Kirsten Young

“My family used Finola to assist in the sale of our father's home, and it was an extremely positive experience. She was thoroughly professional and very effective throughout the entire process. Because we did not live in the area, she was willing to assume a lot of responsibilities for us such as coordinating inspections and arranging reliable, quick and cost competitive contractors, plumbers and painters to come in and get the property ready for sale. She was diligent in staying on top of important dates and negotiations so that no detail was overlooked. It was a seamless and quick sale of the property! Finola is a well liked, well connected and highly attentive agent.”
                                                                            —Kristen Nelson Dellovo

Last year, my family decided to put our Lafayette family home of 50 years on the market. It is very stressful to make the decision to sell and then even more stressful to actually go through the process. Finola walked us through the process, worked within our timeline, and then patiently and thoughtfully took my father through every last detail so he felt comfortable. She has a great understanding of the Lafayette, Orinda and Moraga area since, like us, she was born here. We set a realistic asking price, and because of her great marketing, we were offered above asking!  She was with us every step of the way—and further. My entire family was very grateful that she made an otherwise difficult situation into a positive experience.
                                                                                 —The English Family

Finola has a keen insight into the features, benefits and potential drawbacks of each street, neighborhood, school and commute route. We definitely benefitted from Finola’s expert knowledge of the Lamorinda (Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda) area as well as her extensive professional real estate relationships.
             Finola mentioned early on in our search that there would be no pressure from her to find a home quickly and that we should feel very comfortable taking our time. Finola would much prefer to take the time to find the right home and avoid the possibility of a new owner reselling soon due to any inadequacies resulting from a hurried decision, even if it meant the search process might take as long as several years. To us, that showed that Finola put our interests and needs first.
             If it wasn’t obvious thus far, we could not recommend Finola more highly. She made searching for and buying our home fun and relaxing and more importantly she helped us make the right decision.
                                                                      —Chris and Susan Mani